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Lawn Aeration Services

Your lawn needs to be breathe!  This is why aerating your lawn is a key part of any professional lawn care program.  Over a long period of time your grass can grow thick and matted near the soil surface and it becomes very difficult for oxygen and other nutrients to reach the roots of your grass.  This, along with issues like fungus, pests, stress from a lack of water, and foot traffic can cause problems that generally manifest themselves as an unhealthy looking lawn with brown or dead patches and inconsistent growth everywhere.

Mid-South Turf Professionals is a landscaping company based out of Oakland, TN and serving Fayette County, Tipton County in Tennessee and Desoto County just across the state line in Mississippi.  We specialize in providing lawn aeration as part of our regular lawn care services or we can also provide it as a standalone service for large residential and/or commercial clients with high visibility lawns.

Lawn aerating is the process of using a specialized machine to punch hundreds of small holes into your lawn.  As the machine punches the holes it also removes a small amount of grass and soil, that we call “plugs” or a "core".  These holes assist in the delivery of oxygen, water, and nutrients directly to the root system of your grass.  Aeration, in conjunction with a tailored fertilization and weed control program can really help bring back a lawn from looking poorly cared for, to lush, green, and healthy again.

Top Reasons To Aerate Your Lawn

  1. It’s never been done on your lawn before.
  2. Your lawn appears patchy and brown.
  3. You always leave your clippings on your lawn.
  4. Your lawn has been scalped by mowing, leaving bare patches.
  5. Your lawn sees heavy foot and pet traffic.
  6. You just want to give your lawn it’s best chance!

As professionals, we recommend aerating your lawn at least once per year.  This frequency can help counter the natural thatch and works to improve your overall soil conditions which is key to a beautiful lawn.  The health of your grass is ultimately determined by the health of your soil.  A properly aerated lawn will also respond much more vigorously to fertilization and regular watering too if you have an irrigation system (and you should have one for a beautiful lawn).

Diagram Of The Benefits Of Lawn Aeration In Tennessee

Does My Lawn Really Need To Be Aerated?

The simplest answer is yes it does! Your lawn will always benefit from being aerated at least once a year in the spring or fall.  If you are serious about the health and appearance of your lawn then aeration is just an integral part of a regular lawn care program.

In order to know for sure we need to view your property to determine the overall condition of your lawn.

  • Does your lawn get used frequently by your children or pets?
  • Do you let your grass clippings fall back onto the lawn?
  • Was your lawn just recently installed?
  • Does your lawn dry out very quickly in the summer?
  • Is your soil very hard and compacted?

If you've answered yes to the above questions then these are all signs your lawn could probably benefit from aeration. The best time to aerate your lawn is during the spring or fall when the roots can recover quickly and the existing grass can work to fill in all of the plugs of grass/soil that will be removed during the aeration process.  Avoid aerating your lawn in the middle of summer when the heat slows down growth.

What Does Lawn Aeration Do For Your Lawn?

This process delivers oxygen, water, and nutrients directly to the roots which encourages the roots to grow deeper and works to improve their uptake of nutrients and resilience to produce a more vigorous lawn.  Aerating has long been a lawn care secret that golf courses and sports fields groundskeepers have employed because it really makes a difference especially when used as part of a total lawn care program. We use a special machine called a “lawn aerator” to aerate our clients lawns.

This machine was specifically designed to perforate your soil with hundreds of small holes that allow oxygen, water and nutrients to penetrate directly into your lawns root system. The “plugs” of grass that are removed by the aerator usually contain an inch or two of soil and are about 1/2″ to 3/4″ in diameter.  These resulting holes are what allows the air and nutrients down into the soil and close to the root systems where they really need to be.

A lawn with thick, healthy, lush growth is also great at preventing weeds from growing in your lawn too.

If you’d like to see if lawn aeration could help make your lawn more vibrant and healthy then please give us a call 901-494-9088 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you right away.