Mosquito Spraying Oakland, TN

Mosquito Spraying and Control

Mosquito Spraying and Mosquito Control In Tennessee

Mosquitoes aren't just a nuisance, they can also be a contributor to the spread of many illnesses that are harmful to humans.  Those can include Zika virus, La Crosse virus, West Nile virus, and Chikungunya and many others.  In Tennessee we have high humidity and an endless supply of still and stagnant water which creates the perfect conditions for mosquitoes to thrive.  With perfect conditions for mosquitoes almost year-round they are a real problem here in Tennessee.

Where Are You Trying To Control Mosquitoes?

Depending on your specific needs there are different strategies we can use to help control your mosquito problem.

  • Are you trying to remove mosquitoes around your home?
  • Do you have a mosquito problem at your local business?
  • Are you hosting an outdoor event and you want to reduce the amount of mosquitoes?

Mid-South Turf Professionals is based out of Oakland, Tennessee and serving Shelby County, Fayette County, DeSoto County, MS and the surrounding areas.  We specialize in pest control and reducing the amount of mosquitoes around your home or business with the careful application of mosquito spray.  We can also help consult with you to drastically reduce the amount of mosquitoes around your property by doing simple things like making sure to reduce the amount of standing water around your property.

In Addition To Spraying How Else Can You Reduce Mosquitoes Around Your Home?

Mosquitoes need stagnant water to lay their eggs which then develop into larvae and begin their life cycle in water.  Large bodies of water that are rough or exposed to current or wind are generally not the issue.  It's the smaller, stagnant, still water that creates the ideal conditions for mosquitoes to thrive.  If possible, the standing water needs to be reduced or removed from your property.

Where Can Mosquitoes Lay Eggs?

Basically any and all sources of stagnant water large or small.

  • Small ponds of lagoons
  • Wheelbarrows or buckets full of water
  • Drainage ditches
  • Neglected pools
  • Old tires
  • Rain gutters
  • And more....

Mosquito Control For Your Home

Trying to have a BBQ or a family gathering but the mosquito problem forces everyone indoors?  Are you hosting a wedding or some other type of party at your home?  Do you have young kids that are getting eaten alive by mosquitoes every time they go outside? Maybe you just love to enjoy your backyard but the nuisance of having to deal with itchy mosquito bites is just too annoying?

We can help you fix that mosquito problem!  Our mosquito control experts would be happy to come out to your home, have a look at your property and come up with a solution that will keep those mosquitoes at bay.

Mosquito Control For Commercial Properties

If you're trying to operate a business with an outdoor element to your services such as a restaurant with an outdoor patio, or a golf course, or a recreational area, or even a wedding venue, mosquitoes can be a huge problem for your guests and customers.

At Mid-South Turf Professionals we can put together a comprehensive, seasonal, mosquito control strategy to drastically reduce the amount of mosquitoes around your venue.  We customize our service to meet your specific needs, working around your schedule, and providing on-going and effective protection for your property.  We can provide regularly scheduled services and we can also provide one-time mosquito control solutions for special events or occasions.

Commercial Properties We Can Service Include:

  • Restaurants with outdoor patios
  • Outdoor pools
  • Parks and recreation areas
  • Churches
  • Special events
  • Sports fields
  • Campgrounds
  • RV parks
  • And more!

Why Should You Choose Mid-South Turf Professionals For Mosquito Control?

Mid-South Turf Professionals is a family owned and operated local business.  When you come to us with a problem that our company can solve, we take that seriously!  Mosquitoes are an annoying and inconvenient problem.  Our team of experts can provide you with a real solution to control the mosquitoes on your property throughout the year.

If you have a mosquito problem and want fast, fair, and affordable expert advice and solutions then Mid-South Turf Professionals is ready and waiting to serve you.

If you’d like to get an estimate for mosquito control services on your property please give us a call 901-494-9088 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you right away.