Lawn Fungus & Disease Treatments Oakland, TN

Lawn Fungus & Disease Control

Under the right conditions your lawn could be susceptible to fungus and disease and left untreated, it can destroy your lawn in a hurry.  Some of the most common lawn diseases in Tennessee include brown patch, dollar spot, and powdery mildew.  With the careful application of fungicides and other measures to maintain lawn health we can prevent these problems.

Mid-South Turf Professionals is a lawn care company based out of Oakland, TN and serving Fayette County, Tipton County in Tennessee and Desoto County just across the state line in Mississippi.  We specialize in diagnosing fungus and disease problems in turf.  We can then implement a fungicide and disease treatment plan to nurse your lawn back to health and prevent further problems from happening in the future.

What Are The Most Common Lawn Diseases In Tennessee?

There are many different species of fungus as well as pathogens that can affect the health of your lawn.  These are the ones we see most frequently;

  • Brown patch
  • Dollar spot
  • Powdery mildew
  • Red thread

Brown patch is a fungal disease that affects both warm-season and cool-season grasses. It is characterized by circular patches of dead or dying grass. The patches can range in size from a few inches to several feet in diameter.

Dollar spot is another fungal disease that primarily affects cool-season grasses. It is characterized by small, circular patches of dead or dying grass. The patches are usually about the size of a silver dollar.

Powdery mildew is a fungal disease that affects both warm-season and cool-season grasses. It is characterized by a white or gray powdery substance on the leaves of the grass. The affected leaves may turn yellow or brown and may eventually die.

Red thread is a type of lawn disease that is caused by the fungus Laetisaria fuciformis. This disease gets its name from the reddish-pink threads that it forms on the grass. Red thread is most common in the spring and fall.

How Can You Prevent Lawn Fungus & Disease?

There are several things you can do to prevent lawn diseases from occurring in the first place. First, make sure that your lawn is getting enough water. Brown patch and dollar spot are both more likely to occur in lawns that are drought-stressed. Second, make sure that you are mowing your lawn at the proper height. Taller grass is more resistant to disease. Third, fertilize your lawn according to the recommended schedule for your particular type of grass. Fourth, aerate your lawn on a regular basis to improve drainage and reduce compaction. Finally, if you do notice any signs of disease, contact a professional lawn care company for treatment options.

How Do We Treat Lawn Fungus & Diseases?

When it comes to treating lawn diseases, the best course of action is to contact a professional lawn care company like Mid-South Turf Professionals. We will be able to diagnose the disease and recommend the best course of treatment.

Treatment options may include chemical fungicides.  Chemical fungicides are the most common type of treatment for lawn diseases because they work by killing the fungi that causes the disease. Biological controls are effective against certain types of fungi and can be used in conjunction with chemical fungicides. Lawn care practices such as mowing, watering, and fertilizing can also help to control lawn diseases.

If you think your lawn has a disease, the best course of action is to contact a professional lawn care company for diagnosis and treatment. By taking proactive steps to prevent and treat lawn diseases, you can keep your lawn looking its best.

How Do We Diagnose Lawn Disease?

To accurately diagnose lawn disease, it is important to start with a recognition of the symptoms. Once you know what to look for, you can begin the process of diagnosis.

There are many different types of lawn diseases, each with its own set of symptoms. However, there are some general symptoms that are common to most diseases. These include patchy grass, dying grass, and discolored grass. If you notice any of these symptoms, it is important to contact a professional lawn care company for diagnosis and treatment.

Lawn Diseases Are Serious Business

Lawn diseases can seriously damage your lawn if left untreated. In some cases, the damage can be so severe that the only way to recovery is to completely re-sod the lawn.

Lawn diseases are caused by fungi, bacteria, and other pathogens. These pathogens can spread quickly and infect large areas of your lawn in a short period of time.

How Can You Get This Process Started?

The first step is to reach out and contact us.  We'll need to arrange a time that we can come out and view your lawn so that we can determine what state it's currently in, what type of fungus or disease is the problem, we can answer any questions, and come up with a plan to nurse your lawn back to health.

Please Note:  Sometimes we are contacted to diagnose a problem with a lawn and after our initial inspection we don't feel there is any chance at nursing the lawn back to health.  We don't want to sell you services you don't need or that won't work and we'll tell you if that's the case.

  1. We start with our initial consultation.
  2. We check out the health of your lawn/garden and determine a suitable fungicide program.
  3. We show up on the scheduled days and complete our services as promised. (weather permitting)
  4. The end result will be a beautiful, healthy lawn!

After we’ve visited your property and discussed the project with you we’ll be to provide you with an accurate cost estimate for our services.

If you’d like to schedule our fungus and disease treatment for your lawn please give us a call 901-494-9088 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you right away.