Tree And Shrub Care Oakland, TN

Tree and Shrub Care

Trees and shrubs enhance the beauty of any landscape and work to create points of interest, barriers, and even privacy.  Keeping your trees and shrubs healthy ensures they contribute to your curb appeal rather than become an eyesore.  Keeping your trees and shrubs properly pruned is one way to ensure healthy growth.  Even more important is to keep them properly fertilized, protected from insects and pests, and to prevent disease.

Mid-South Turf Professionals is a lawn and turf care company based out of Oakland, TN and serving Fayette County, Tipton County in Tennessee and Desoto County just across the state line in Mississippi. We specialize in providing expert tree and shrub care for our residential and commercial clients.  Our comprehensive maintenance program provides the specific care your trees and shrubs need throughout the season so they always look healthy and beautiful.

Mid-South Turf Professionals technicians are trained to spot insects and diseases on your trees and shrubs.  Not only that, we know exactly how to treat the different problems that can arise throughout the year.

How Do We Care For Your Trees & Shrubs?

Our specialty care programs are comprehensive and tailored to your individual property and the specific species of trees and shrubs.  Our expects spend the time to carefully inspect your trees and shrubs so we're only doing what is absolutely necessary.  Our foliar spray program applies to shrubs and trees up to fifteen feet tall.

Early Spring Care - Involves the application of horticultural or dormant Oil.  This works to suffocate eggs and insects during the time of the year when they are just getting their foothold.  This helps prevent their eggs from hatching, and also helps to control any existing insects on the plants.

Late Spring Care - During the later spring we want to provide your trees and shrubs with the best protection from unwanted insect and disease damage.  There are a variety of insects and diseases that can cause a problem and our goal is to make your plants strong and resilient.

Summer Care - In the heat of the summer we provide your trees and shrubs with root stimulator that contains micronutrients and other important elements.  A healthy root system ensures a healthy plant.  These treatments will enhance growth and make your trees and shrubs appear much healthier.

Fall Care - The early fall is when we get your trees and shrubs prepared for winter.  Once again we will thoroughly check for insects and diseases and treat as necessary.

Winter Care - When winter is underway we want to continue feeding the trees and shrubs with nutrients to enhance their root structure and boost their strength and overall appearance.  This ensures they come out of the winter period healthy and poised for spring.

How Can You Get Your Tree & Shrub Care Program Started?

The first step is to reach out and contact us.  We'll need to arrange a time that we can come out and view your landscape so that we can determine what state it's currently in, answer any questions, and come up with a program to care for your trees and shrubs.

  1. We start with our initial consultation.
  2. We check out the health of your trees and shrubs and determine a suitable program.
  3. We show up on the scheduled days and complete our services as promised. (weather permitting)
  4. The end result will be a beautiful and healthy trees and shrubs!

After we’ve visited your property and discussed the project with you we’ll be to provide you with an accurate cost estimate for our services.

If you’d like to schedule our tree and shrub care for your property please give us a call 901-494-9088 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you right away.