Mosquito Spraying and Control

Mosquito Control – How Does It Work?

These pesky bugs are constantly ruining outdoor activities. From constantly swatting at mosquitoes, to scratching your arms/legs like crazy after being bit, there’s no doubt why people would want to rid their outdoor spaces of them. But how does that happen and how big of a difference does it really make?

How Does It Work?

A technician will come to your house and spray any trees/shrubs you have, porches/patios, the eves of your house, and other places mosquitoes are known to lurk. The spray will immediately kill any mosquitoes it comes in contact with while also leaving a residue on the sprayed surfaces that will continue to repel bugs. The residue helps to control those mosquitoes that may come to your yard from elsewhere. The advantage to having someone come out and treat your home for mosquitoes is you’re getting a more targeted application. This, in turn, will leave you with better coverage (and thus less mosquitoes) than something like the city spraying your neighborhood. 

How Effective Is It?

Spraying for mosquitoes is NOT 100% guaranteed to make sure you never see another mosquito at home again. However, it does drastically reduce them and you will notice an improvement from previous years if you’ve never treated for these pesky insects. Mosquito control is unfortunately not a glass dome over your yard, you still may see a few mosquitoes here and there, but it will keep you from becoming a human chew toy when trying to enjoy some time outside. 

DIY vs. Professional Mosquito Control

Typically, the reason people consider DIY is due to cost. Many people assume professional mosquito control is more costly than DIY, but most of the time it actually turns out to be cheaper. 

When considering doing something yourself, your first question is likely something along the lines of, “If I do this myself, will the results be the same?”. The answer is no. 

The first reason why it will not be the same comes down to the product effectiveness. The store-bought products that are available vary greatly in terms of effectiveness, but even the best one only does an okay job. Another reason why DIY is less effective is due to the application methods. Experience/training aside, homeowners typically purchase a product that attaches to a garden hose or is applied through a store-bought backpack sprayer. Unlike professional application methods, DIY methods will not coat all surfaces on the plant tissue. 

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