Your Guide To Watering The Lawn

Your Guide To Watering The Lawn

Many people come to us asking what we can do to make their lawn greener, but one of the first steps to that lush, green, lawn starts with you! That’s right, no matter what we put down if you are not watering your lawn at all (or aren’t watering correctly) then you will struggle to see the deep green you are after. 

When Should I Be Watering My Lawn?

You may notice sprinklers going off in your neighborhood at all times of the day and wonder if you should be watering when your neighbors are, or does the time of day matter at all? The answer is yes, it absolutely matters what time you water your lawn in order to be effective. The best time to water your lawn is 4AM – 9AM. This will reduce evaporation that occurs during the watering process, allowing your grass to soak up more water in less time! Hello, savings on your water bill!! By watering midday, it will evaporate before it has a chance to get down to the roots. If you usually water at night, while true there is little to no threat of evaporation, this can lead to fungal growth in your lawn. 

How Much Water Is Necessary?

Few people know how much they should be watering their lawn. You might even think it varies depending on certain aspects of the lawn, but the truth is it doesn’t vary much. Lawns need 1″ – 1.5″ of water each week to grow. Saturating your lawn with water will make it susceptible to disease, fungi, and soil compaction. Similarly, watering too little will turn the grass dry and yellow. Both will result in an unpleasant appearance and an unhealthy lawn.

How Often Should I Water My Lawn?

While getting the 1″-1.5″ of water in your lawn every week is correct, how you split it up through the week is just as important. Watering everyday will ultimately weaken the root system of the grass, and watering too infrequently will cause the grass to dry up. Ideally, you should be splitting the 1″-1.5″ of water each week into 2-3 days.

How Do I Know If I Am Watering Enough?

The easiest way to tell is by simply looking at your lawn. Does it look healthy? Is it lush and green? Then you are likely getting enough water to your lawn. If you’re still unsure, simply perform the screwdriver test! Take a screwdriver and stick it into the soil. If the screwdriver will sink 6-7 inches, then it is getting enough water. If you notice mushrooms in the lawn, you are likely watering too much. 

The Bottom Line

Watering your lawn can be tricky, but once you know what you’re doing you will see your lawn flourish. The next step is to mow at the correct height and fertilize at the correct times. All these steps together will ensure your lawn is healthy. 

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